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Accounting For Self Managed Superfunds

Self Managed Superfunds

Accounting Packages

Taking control of your retirement is an empowering option available to people these days, but not one that should be done without the proper advice and guidance. Our staff have experience in talking to clients how to best utilise their self-managed superfunds in order to get the most out of their retirement.
Below are examples of what we see as important in the self-managed superfund industry.

Bookkeeping and Accounting

Accurate record keeping and reporting is a major requirement when running a self-managed superfund. Our staff have a proven track record of working with clients to develop accurate record keeping habits that enable us to complete their lodgements without missing any important information.

Technical advise 

At all stages of running a self-manage superfund its important to get the right advice and guidance. There are a lot of technical issues that if not identified and dealt with could result in negative consequences for your fund. Our staff work close with our clients to ensure they stay compliant and up to date with any changes to the self-managed superfund space.

Tax planning & Structuring

Self managed superfunds are a very effective tool that can be used with in either a family group or as part of an effective retirement plan.  Sit down with our staff to ensure that you have the best and most effective tax plan for both the sort and long term.

Audit & Compliance

We have partnered with a local audit firm to ensure that we are able to offer completive pricing and timely turn around when it comes to getting your self managed super fund audited. We work closely with our auditors and are able to develop any solutions to problems that may arise.

How can Tax4u help with your Self Managed Superfund?

Our advisers are knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with peoples retirement nest egg.

We ensure you are kept up to date with changes to the industry, you are away of any current or future problems that your fund may have and we offer fixed fee arrangements that ensure there is no surprises.

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