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Month: March 2018

4th Quarter Tax Planning

4th Quarter Planning: A simple Four Step Plan to Finish Strong

Happy Easter everyone! Next week is the first week of April and the official start of the 4th quarter. We always know the end of the financial year is coming because that’s when we are swamped with customers wanting advice to finish the year strong, minimise their tax and plan for the next. So, what’s your…
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Single Touch Payroll Reporting

Your business ready for Single Touch Payroll?

Single Touch Payroll Reporting The ATO has introduced new payroll reporting requirements for all businesses. Different requirements apply to your business depending on the number of employees you have as at 1st April 2018. 20 or more employees on your payroll: Single Touch Payroll reporting is required from 1st July 2018. You will be required to report…
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