Melbourne Accounting Service - Who we are

Our vision is to positively change the way accounting services are offered in Melbourne.

Tax4u exists to transform the way small businesses review and manage their business. Creating functional systems to support growth, planning and record keeping. We are a Melbourne accounting services providing services to the Metro area.

Each business unit of Tax4u serves to educate, empower and  support.

Melbourne Accounting Service


At Tax4u is a Melbourne accounting service that exists to help small business owners with the following:

• We educate small business owners to provide the highest levels of value for their customers and, in the process, strengthen their businesses, and

• Coaching small business owners to create distinction, standardize processes and transform current owner mindset, and

• Empower small business owners with on-demand, highly relevant financial information, and

• Measure systems and processes with dashboards and metrics to provide valuable feedback.


In every action we perform, Tax4u is inspired by (and measured against) a simple but powerful purpose statement: “We positively impact small business.”

One thing that rings true in business is if you stay in one spot the world will pass you buy. That’s never been more true than this time in history. The advances in technology and the way people do business is moving at lightning speed. 

At Tax4u are working hard to ensure we are across all the new advances in technology, we are keeping up to date with all changes in the tax landscape and changes in the payroll and employment minefield.

We are a Melbourne Accounting Service providing a suite of products to our clients.

The role of an accountant has changed, we are the new breed of accountant who realizes that the processing and reporting aspects of accounting are not the focus any more.

Accountants need to be forward planning and forward thinking we see the role of an accountant is to:

  • Keep up to date with changes in accounting systems & business practices.
  • Make sure clients systems and reporting is providing them with a timely snap shot of there business
  • Keep in touch with our clients making sure they are aware of how to navigate issues and problems they face
  • Let clients know how to properly plan and manage a growing business not just blindly move forward.
  • Let them know what it really takes to manage their business.

The books will always need to be reconciled, the transactions always need to be allocated but this isn’t our main focus we are focusing on growing strong businesses and strong business leaders.

We know business, we love business, talk to us about how we can be the back bone of your business.

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